In a bid to foster self-sufficiency and promote sustainable practices among impoverished communities in Haiti, Rockford-based Hope for Haitians, has embarked on a unique initiative. The recent project involved the delivery and planting of various fruit trees, including Mango, Limon, and Cherry. These trees were not planted in an orchard, but in the land surrounding the homes of families in the village of Pistere, Haiti. The project is aimed at increasing food security for families in the community.

The project involved 420 trees of seven different varieties. The Mango trees, a significant part of the project, were skillfully prepared and grafted by a dedicated tree nursery to thrive in Haiti’s unique climate. The range of trees delivered and planted included:

  • 125 Limon Trees (a term to describe both lemon and lime trees)
  • 100 Doudous Mango Trees
  • 60 Orange Trees
  • 25 Avocado Trees
  • 30 Batis Mango Trees
  • 50 Fransik Mango Trees
  • 30 Cherry Trees

One of the distinctive elements of this initiative is the hands-on involvement of local families. Under the guidance of a skilled trainer, families were taught how to plant and care for these trees. The vision here is not merely ecological restoration and increase access to food but also the empowerment of these communities through sustainable agricultural practices.

Each family is entrusted with the care of these trees, which will become a valuable resource in the future. The fruits harvested can be eaten or sold, providing a dependable source of nutrition and income that can be used to fulfill other essential needs, such as purchasing rice or beans.

This example of fostering community-based agriculture encapsulates Hope for Haitians’ vision of a greener, healthier, and self-sustaining community of hope. The initiative is about much more than planting trees; it’s about instilling knowledge, fostering resilience, and empowering individuals towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

The project was coordinated by Hope for Haitian’s Board member, Dan Maguire in partnership with the Trees That Feed Foundation. Together, we are creating a more prosperous and sustainable Haiti, one tree at a time.

Offloading fruit trees in Pistere Haiti
teaching proper planting of trees
Woman taking fruit trees to plant at her home

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