What We Do - Our Projects

Our goal is provide a sustainable improvement in the lives of those we serve. Housing, reliable food sources, clean water, medical care, education and economic opportunity are all part of our approach.

Hope for Haitians has already completed fifteen building projects. The first in Cotes-de-Fer, and the remaining in the Cap Haitien area. These villages were built under the premise to provide self sustaining life for their villagers. 2020 will continue our campaign to establish sustainability and education projects, upgrade and build new homes, and construct our sixteenth building project in Pistere, Haiti. These villages have developed more than a place to call home – they planted the seeds for a new life of security and dignity.


Safe, secure homes for families to begin a new life of hope and opportunity

Safe Water

Clean, Healthy water to support health and fight water borne disease


The path to a new future lies in education. With education new opportunities arise

About Hope – Hope for Haitians Video 2011

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