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Homes For Destitute Families

We start with housing. The families we assist typically live in primitive shelters made from cast off materials. We provide a secure, dry, clean, cinder block home that they own to start a new beginning.

Safe Water and Sanitation

Water borne disease is a killer in poor communities. We ensure clean water and proper sanitation, through wells, water purification and sanitary facilities.

Community Development and Education

We help coordinate and train local village councils so residents can manage their own affairs. We also support educational development for children and adults.

Sustainable Food and Income

Establishing sustainable food sources; goats, chickens, gardens, cassava bakeries is an important step. In addition we help residents develop income producing enterprises to better provide for their families.

Medical Services

Basic healthcare services and preventative care saves lives. Working with Haitian doctors and medical staff, we work to fill the void of primary medical care for families in some of our villages. Medication, testing, prenatal care are a few of the services provided.

Results Since 2001

People Provided Fresh Water

Homes Built for Families

People Housed

Animals for Food & Income

Students Given a Year of Education

Since 2001, Hope for Haitians has worked to bring clean water, food, housing, education and medical services to Haiti, home to more than nine million people and considered to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

While helping to meet the basic needs of Haitians for housing and clean water, Hope for Haitians also creates sustainable solutions for continued self-sufficiency and provides education programs to prepare the next generation

Recent News & Updates
Earthquake Aid Delivered

Earthquake Aid Delivered

Aid delivered 7 days after appeal beginsWhen the Earthquake hit Haiti on August 14, 2021, we knew we would respond and began to work with our contacts in Haiti to plan a rapid, effective response led by Haitians with deep roots in affected communities. This video is a...

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Our Plan for Earthquake Aid

Our Plan for Earthquake Aid

When the earthquake hit Haiti on August 14, We knew Hope for Haitians would respond, not in a panic, but with a clear plan that would make a meaningful difference. We immediately made it possible for people who were already contacting us to make a contribution toward...

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Community Center Hosts Mobile Clinic

Community Center Hosts Mobile Clinic

When Hope for Haitians builds a village we make sure it has a Community Center. It provides a location for many different village activities; church services, leadership training, family celebrations, medical clinics and more. In Love Friendship Village, located in...

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