Meet the Poorest of the Poor

More than 2.5 Million Haitians Live in Abject Poverty

About Haiti

Nobody chooses to be born into abject poverty.

Haiti is home to more than nine million people. Over 6 million live below the poverty line (US $2.41 per day) and more than 2.5 million live in abject poverty (under US $1.23 per day). Haiti is considered to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and sixth poorest in the world.

Political instability has undermined basic social services such as power, roads, healthcare and education. Haiti is also vulnerable to natural disasters recently suffering significant devastation from Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and an earthquake in 2010.

About the Haitian People

The people of Haiti are warm, and welcoming. Since our work is with the rural poor, those counted as living in abject poverty, every improvement in their living conditions makes a big difference. A home, clean water, education, a source of food, and sustainable economic activity all come together to transform lives and offer hope for families.

The Mission of Hope for Haitians

To provide shelter, clean water, agricultural resources, medical support, education and sustainable skills for the poorest of the poor in Haiti.


Two out of three children in Haiti are born into poverty

Poverty is hard. Especially for children

Hope comes from working together

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