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Bay Lavi is Creole for Give Life.

Supporting Our 18th Village Project

November 3, 2023 ~ Eagle Brook Country Club, Geneva IL

Cocktails, silent auction, plated dinner and desserts, live music, dancing and games

The Board of Directors of Hope for Haitians invites past supporters and other concerned individuals to join us as we raise funds to make a transformative impact in the lives of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere.

Funds raised at this benefit event will support construction of a new village in North Haiti. This project will help create a community which will be managed by trained local leadership and sustained though supportive activities of both Hope for Haitians and other partner NGOs.

6:00-7:00 PM  Champagne, Cocktails & Silent Auction
7:00-8:15 PM  Dinner & Program
8:15-10:30 Auction closes, Dessert & Coffee, Music, Games,
Photo booth, Cash bar
Dress for the event is Semi Formal, Black and white with a touch of red

What we plan to accomplish this year

For 22 years, Rockford based Hope for Haitians has been providing secure homes and safe water to Haitian families living in desperate poverty. Our goal at the 2023 “Bay Lavi” is to raise funds for the second phase of Hope for Haitians’ 18th Village project in rural Haiti.

This phase will provide:

  • 40 additional families with secure homes
  • 2 water treatment facilities to provide safe water for the entire community
  • 8 additional solar street lights to enhance safety

This initiative builds on work currently underway, providing homes for 35 families, a community center for the entire village and 7 solar street lights.

While the United States is the wealthiest country in the western hemisphere, our near neighbor Haiti is the poorest. Situated just 700 miles off the coast of Florida, Haiti has endured more than its fair share of suffering. Devastating earthquakes, tropical storms, civil disorder, and pervasive gang violence make Haiti a challenging place to live and work. In spite of these challenges, Hope for Haitians has transformed the lives of families living in desperate poverty every year for the past 22 years.

St. Joseph Village

St. Joseph Village Project, the 18th initiative by Hope for Haitians, is set in Acul Samedi, Haiti – a small farming community. The villagers, who mostly grow crops like manioc and peanuts, face a host of challenges with housing, water, community space, and safety being paramount.

The current housing scenario in Acul Samedi is abysmal, with many homes constructed from mud and sticks, providing scant protection from harsh weather. The situation gets perilous during inclement weather when people can’t sleep due to the water seeping into their homes. This project aims to change this by providing 75 families (375 individuals) with new, well-equipped homes, marking their first step towards sustainable livelihoods.

Clean drinking water is another major issue. At present, people rely on two wells or direct river water, exposing them to waterborne diseases. Waterborne ailments like typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea account for over half of Haiti’s annual deaths.

This project will mitigate this problem by creating two new wells and water treatment systems, ensuring safe drinking water for all

Community Space:
The absence of a community center hampers the organization of important events and gatherings. As part of the project, a new community center will provide a shared space for various activities, contributing to the community’s growth.

The community center will be the home base for the Leadership Committee, a group o flocal residents organized and trained to help their community move towards a sustainable future of opportunity for all.


In Acul Samedi, unlit roads at night raise security issues. Lack of lighting also affects children’s study hours. St. Joseph Village project plans to address this by providing a solar-powered light in each of the 75 homes, enhancing evening study and work hours.

Moreover, 15 solar-powered streetlights will illuminate the roads, enhancing overall community safety.