2022 Year En Report and Appeal

Out of Turmoil – Hope and Progress

In any given year life is hard for the poor in Haiti. 2022 was no exception. Political unrest and gang related problems interfered with everything including critical food and fuel supplies. Extreem flooding in the North and northeast wiped out crops and killed many animals of the families in our villages. 

For families in need of shelter, clean water and a secure source of food, the unique stresses of 2022 just added a little bit more to the burdens and challenges they face every day. While it was a difficult year to endure, there were many successes as more 50 more families moved out of abject poverty and onto an upward path as part of a sustainable community.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the courage of our in-country partners we had many successes creating sustainable communities of hope and opportunity in Northern Haiti. Here at the end of the year we celebrate the following blessings of hope that took root this year.

Homes for Destitute Families

  • 50 more safe, secure homes were built for desperately poor families in Holy Family Friendship Village in Pistere. This was the final phase of a project that changed living coditions for 210 families. 

Medical Services

  • The weekly medical clinic in Pope Francis Friendship Village in Dumas completed its third year of meeting basic healthcare needs for hundreds of people each week
  • The weekly medical clinic in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Village in Garde Saline serve hundreds of people each week.
  • We sponsored mobil clinics based at the community centers in four of our villages with no access to care. These monthly mobile clinics provide basic medical care to people who may have never before seen a physician.

Safe Water and Sanitation

  • 50 families had indoor sanitation facilities included in their new home.
  • 50 families also received a new rainwater capture system incorporated into their home.

Sustainable Food and Income

  • The Goat project reached a development milestone when the size of the heard grew significant enough to allow distribution of goats to families prepared to care for them.
  • Cassava processing facilites were restored to working order allowing village farmers to process crops and make a greater profit.

Education and Community Leadership

  • Support and training for Leadership councils continued in multiple villages. This strengthened local responsibility for decisions related to sustainable improvements.
  • Two new Leadership Councils were formed and trained. This no means 80% of the families we have worked with over the last 21 years have locally trained leadership to continue development of their village. 
  • Funds raised by the Fun Bun Run 5K for Education provided scholarships that ensured access to education for 150 students in four of our villages.

Emergency Aid

  • Three communities hit hard by the earthquake were provided emergency Food, Water and Shelter.
  • Aid was used to provide temporary quarters for a church and school severely damaged in the earthquake.

Celebrating Blessings and Hope in 2022

Video interview with Dr. Cleantus Jean, Jr. at the new clinic located in Pope Francis Friendship Village, Dumas, Haiti.

Video includes drone and ground footage of the Village of the Blessed Virgin Mary village projects in Pistere and related sustainability projects

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