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Assisting the poor is faith in action

Church tithes, special collections, events, and Lenten alms to support the poor of Haiti

“To love God and neighbor is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely. And you are, dear brothers and sisters, the face of Jesus.”
Pope Francis

Visit at the Homeless Shelter , “Dono Di Maria,” 5/21/13

Hope for Haitians: Parish Involvement

Working with Hope for Haitians is a fruitful way to help members of your parish concretely serve the needs of the poor. The poor in Haiti, especially those we serve, are among the most destitute and impoverished people in the world.

Generous church support is our single largest source of funding. With formal approval from the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford, we have been encouraged to invite parishes throughout the diocese to give aid to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

The significant support of our many parish partners, along with events and individual donations has allowed us to build a village each year for the past several years!

Hope for Haitians will work with your parish community, in a manner consistent with your parish philosophy and practices. 

Ideas For Parish Involvement

Pastoral Support:

It is important to have the active support and servant leadership of the parish pastor prior to implementing a parish campaign. The Pastor is a great person to deliver a “leadership” message for any project a parish decides to undertake. 

Lenten Housing Program:

HFH will provide a housing “bank” for each parish family on the ­first Sunday in Lent. Families are asked to take the banks home and contribute throughout Lent in any amount they feel comfortable with.

Mass presentation:

A representative from Hope for Haitians will make a brief presentation following the homily, or at the end of Mass, based on the parish custom.


There are options for a collection, to meet the customs or policies of the parish. The key is that the request is focused on a current major project (example: houses, water well, education). A second collection taken at all Masses is a good option. Hope for Haitians representatives and parishioners involved with the project can provide information at that time.

Parish Committee:

Several parishes have established parish committees, accommodating the philosophy of the parish community. Hope for Haitians will also participate with current parish organizations, such as peace and justice, or social justice, or other groups focused on the works of mercy that would like to support Hope for Haitians.


Hope for Haitians would love the opportunity to be included in the parish tithing program. The support of the individual parishioners as well as the parish sends such a clear message of the commitment to serving the people of Haiti.

2014 Pope Francis Friendship Village
Remarks by People Who Visited Villages

What happens when a Pastor says “Yes”?

When a Pastor says “Yes” to Hope For Haitians, much happens:

  • Parish members learn about Hope For Haitians, the poverty of Haiti; the work of Hope For Haitians providing shelter, clean water, agricultural resources, medical support, education and sustainable skills for the poorest of the poor in Haiti.
  • Parish may begin supporting HFH with a gift through a parish tithing program, special collection, or other financial support.
  • Pastor and parish members find that the goals of the parish and of supporting HFH are mutually achieved! The parish grows spiritually –and the parish serves the people of Haiti. Something begins to happen:
  • Pastor and small group may plan a visit to Haiti, to visit the villages and projects HFH has completed in service of the Haitian people.
  • The group’s learning experience about Haiti and the Haitian people’s needs is brought back and shared with others – A message of evangelization!
  • Pastor and Parish members come together in a commitment to develop parish projects supporting HFH in its continuing work for the people of Haiti.
  • They share their learning experience with the parish school, or community Catholic High School, nurturing participation among the young students in serving the Haitian people.
  • Pastor and Parish members create their faith community’s personal ownership in the work of Hope For Haitians!
  • The parish may decide to pledge the cost of completion of a house – or an entire village!

Thus the Pastor’s “Yes” creates a community of support which enriches the parish, its members, and the People of Haiti!

Since 2001 the work of Hope for Haitians has been blessed

by partnerships with over 40 local churches and schools