Wilna – Pistere

WilnaWilna is a 36-year-old mother of five children living in the village of Pistere in Northern Haiti. The home her family lived in was described by one of her children in this way,

“Our house was really deplorable. She was leaning, some side was destroyed. But we didn’t get any better. We forced ourselves to stay in front with the hope that one fine day she did not completely fall.”

The situation went from bad to worse as told by Wilna,

“With my children our house was completely destroyed, and I could not build a house for us, especially as my children were sick. We were completely on the street.”

Single mothers with children are one of the priority recipients for homes built by Hope for Haitians. As a result, a new home was built for Wilna and her children. Her daughter now says of her home, “Today we have a beautiful house. I am truly grateful to the donors.”

Wilna's daughter

A sturdy new home with solid walls and clean floor, and a roof to protect from the elements is not just a source of comfort. Improved housing provided by Hope for Haitians along with our work on clean water dramatically impacts health outcomes. Wilna’s reference to her sick children as she spoke about her house collapsing points to the negative health impacts of substandard housing. Safe, sanitary living conditions make a big difference.

For a single mother like Wilna, the change in her family’s circumstances is akin to divine intervention. She told us,

“I don’t think this project is a human initiative. It was God himself who sent Hope for Haitians to give me this house… This project is a deliverance. May God pour out his blessing on you.”

Year after year, donors responding to the Gospel message to aid the poor have ensured transformative moments such as this.


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