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Safe Water for the people of Acul Samedi Haiti

The 4,000 residents in Acul Samedi, Haiti have two ways to get their drinking water. They can either get it from one of two wells with a hand pump or take a bucketful directly from the river and bring it home.

The wells with hand pumps are shallow, prone to drying up during low rainfall and are susceptible to contamination. Water drawn directly from the river carries the risk of exposure to pollutants, parasites, and human and animal waste.

Both methods present high risks of waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Diseases like these significantly impact community health and are a leading cause of death among children.

Solving the Problem

We will provide safe water by drilling two deep wells, each equipped with a solar-powered pump and a water filtration facility. This will provide reliable access to clean water for all families living in Acul Samedi.

Operation and maintenance of the wells will be handled by the local leadership committee of the village. This solution has been implemented effectively in Haiti and many other locations in the world where safe water is needed.

People With Safe Drinking Water

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Water is Life!

Your support can help us provide safe drinking water to the 4,000 residents of Acul-Samedia, Haiti, protecting them from water-borne illnesses, like typhoid, disentery and cholera.

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