Evening in the Tropics Event Workgroup Volunteer

Job Location/Type: Rockford, IL | Virtual-Online
Volunteer Job Posted: September 19, 2023

Be the Change: Volunteer to power the “Evening in the Tropics” We are looking for a dedicated team of 6-10 volunteers to collaborate with our staff in organizing the The nextEvening in the Tropics fundraising dinner in Rockford, IL. This is an active workgroup; participants not only contribute ideas but also work closely with staff to implement them. Volunteers in each of the following roles will be supported by the HFH staff lead for the event. Key Roles

  1. Event Co-Coordinator – Responsibilities: Partner with the lead staff member to oversee overall planning, manage timelines, and execute the event
  2. Sponsorship Lead – Responsibilities: Monitor the board and volunteers’ efforts in identifying and securing sponsorships. Manage sponsor relationships, including coordinating sponsor benefits and information for the digital program.
  3. Auction Lead: – Responsibilities: Monitor board and volunteers efforts in identifying and securing items for the Silent Auction. Manage bid sheets, item descriptions and coordinate with volunteer lead for setup and check out as it is related to the auction.
  4. Event Volunteer Lead – Responsibilities: Lead the recruitment, training, and management of event volunteers, including those needed for setup and teardown.
  5. Logistics Lead – Responsibilities: Coordinate venue details, food & beverage, and the setup, teardown, and return of materials used at the event.
  6. Marketing Lead – Responsibilities: Collaborate on “Save the Date” messaging, invitations, social media promotion, and press outreach.

Time Commitment

  • Monthly meetings from December to June.
  • Additional time as required in July and August leading up to the event.

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