Siliane – Dumas

Salina in her new homeSiliane is a resident of Dumas in northern Haiti where she lives with her four children ages 2-13. Prior to encountering Hope for Haitians, Silane was renting a home. The property, like many in the area, was in poor condition with a leaky roof. This is a common problem in many homes where poor families live.

Rent money took away funds that could be used for food or school fees. In addition, her landlord was difficult to deal with and often would come for money before the rent was due. It was a stressful area of conflict. When she moved into a home provided by Hope for Haitians, she told us,

“The first thing I thought about it is that house problem is eternally solved, Thank you Jesus!” Since moving she shared, “My happiest moment in this house, was when we had a party in the New Year’s Day for my family.”

Three of her four children attend school. Jack Betty is 13 years old and in 7th grade. His favorite subject is Spanish, and he hopes to one day be a doctor. At age 10, Wilnerson is next in line. A developmental disability limits his school progress, and he is in 4th grade with his brother Anskely who loves drawing animals. Little Antoine is only 2 years old with a better future ahead. A safe secure home with no leaks and a solar light at night is a great help to school age children. It makes it possible to keep their uniforms clean, do homework and care for their study materials.

Salinas small businessSaliane runs a small business which she was able to start because of the Bakola Microloan program. Both she and her children benefit from the clinic funded by Hope for Haitians and the safe drinking water from the water purification plant.

With donor support, Hope for Haitians invests not just in homes which change lives immediately but in other elements needed for a sustainable improvement in quality of life for the long term. Investments like:

  • Train leaders to help develop their own communities
  • Provide Clean water, good sanitation, and basic medical care to improve health outcomes
  • Support agricultural development of sustainable food sources
  • Investment in education to improve future prospects of children
  • Promote development of new economic opportunities

Each of these are elements in our efforts to help those, who live in a home we build, have a better life.

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