Rose-Mirlande – Dumas

Rose-MirlandeAt 25 Rose-Mirlande is the mother of two young girls, ages one and four. She and her family are residents of Dumas in northeast Haiti where 60% of families live in substandard housing. Despite living in accommodations that were insecure and dilapidated, she and her companion Alex Israel still had to pay rent from the meager income they could generate. Working as a Motorcycle Taxi Driver Alex had trouble earning enough for food and rent. As Rose-Mirlande describes it:

“We lived in a house that we rented. Due to lack of funds, it was difficult to pay on time. Suddenly, we were in the throes of all forms of humiliation.”

Housing insecurity impacts everyone in the household. In Rose-Mirlande’s case the household also includes her mother and other members of her family. She shared with us the difference her new home makes.

Rose-Mirlande's daughter

“It was a blessing when we were selected from among the beneficiaries. Today we are safe without having to pay anything. I am more than grateful to have had this house.”

The safety from the ravages of the weather, the stability of not facing eviction during hard times and the security of having a door that can lock and secure your meager possessions is a life changer. Rose-Mirlande now is a trader running a small grocery store from her home. It helps supplement her total family income. New homes can change the prospects for a family, elevating the earning potential of adults and improving future outcomes for their children.

Rose-Mirlande’s daughter is four years old and has dreams of her own. At four, Loudemalle Mona is a bright engaging child currently enrolled in her second year of preschool. Even as a preschooler she has dreams. She shared with us “After my studies I would like to be a police officer to protect my mom and my sister. ” The hope of a child to make a difference in the world.

Dreams of a better future grow in the homes built by Hope for Haitians. Each of our donors has a special role in making Haiti a place for Hope and Dignity for those who live there. Thank you

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