New Medical Clinic Opens in Dumas with Help from Hope for Haitians

We are happy to announce the opening of a new clinic to deliver medical care to the people of our Villages near Dumas, Haiti. Working with The Faith Project, Hope for Haitians enlisted Dr. Cleantus Jean to support sustainability in our villages along with providing healthcare in several of them. The new clinic in Dumas funded by our donors’ generosity is making a significant impact in an area tragically underserved.

Handwash station outside of clinic

Hand wash station outside of clinic

Located in a small home built by Hope for Haitians, the clinic has attracted visits from outside the village of Dumas. Dr. Jean reports 200 villagers have attended in the first 3 weeks. At this time he is currently seeing about 25 people per day now. Due to the number of patients, he immediately ran out of medications for blood pressure, as well as anti-itching/fungal medicine and antacids which are widely needed in Haiti. A majority of his patients report a problem with skin irritation probably due to water contamination and close contact

Doctor taking vitals at clinic

Dr. Jean working with a patient at the Dumas clinic

In Haiti, many medical missions have visits from medical professionals 2 to 4 times a year, with the remainder of the time being covered by a trained nurse. In the Dumas clinic, Dr. Jean makes regular ongoing visits.

Meanwhile, the covid-19 virus has hit Haiti hard. The clinic is distributing masks to medical professionals and villagers in high risk occupations. At the time of his first report the official number of cases in Haiti was close to 500, it is now over 1,000. Dr Jean believes that the number is possibly ten times higher than reported, partly due to people who have symptoms not wanting to be tested and diagnosed. They fear social repercussions if they are considered infected.

During these difficult and uncertain times we stand with the families living in the villages Hope for Haitians donors funded. Our concern for their health, well-being and opportunity to improve their lives translates in many ways into measurable milestones such as establishing this clinic. We are grateful to our year-round donors who made this medical clinic a reality and to the donors to our emergency appeal. Their support allowed us to expedite opening of the clinic, obtain more masks, sanitizer and PPE for medical professionals.

The clinic building in Dumas features the line “by Hope for Haitians” after its name.

Dr. Cleantus Jean Jr. (Dr. jean) prepares to cut the ribbon at the opening of the clinic.

Participants pause for a moment of prayer at the opening of the clinic in Dumas

Dr. Jean makes remarks to attendees and patients during the grand opening of the clinic.