Jacquelin – Viard

Jacquelin St JusteJacquelin is a 50-year-old farmer in the community of Viard, Haiti. He, his wife, and their 5 children live in a home built by Hope for Haitians as part of the Village of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hope for Haitians built 50 homes for families in this community in 2017. When we talked with him during August of 2021, he shared how the home has made a difference for his family.

“I thank Hope for Haitians for allowing me to benefit from this house. My house before had a lot of holes. It was only safe when it wasn’t raining. I am really grateful for this beautiful house thanks to which my family can sleep with their heads rested, both when it rains and when it is sunny.”

Not only has the house provided a place safe from the elements it has helped the St Juste family develop an additional means of support. While Jacquelin farms, his wife has a small grocery store based at their home, where she sells food.

Daughter of Jacquelin

With a stable foundation for his family, Jacquelin gives back as a leader in his community. He shared with us, “I am a community leader; I encourage people all the time on the need to keep houses in good repair.”

The changes a new home brings are not limited to the adults in a family. More than anyone, the future for children is profoundly changed by safe secure housing. One of Jacquelin’s five children, Noucherkerline has dreams for her future. She is in her 7th year of school at Collège Nouvelle Esperance in Biley. She told us, “After my studies, I would like to become a nurse because I would like to be able to help my loved ones more easily “.

The story of Jacquelin’s family is just one of many. Every year we transform the lives of 50 families and make significant improvements in their community through; safe homes, reliable water and sanitation, and development of sustainable food and income.

Thanks to all our supporters who help us bring Hope and Dignity to the poor of Haiti; one village – one family, at a time.

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