Friends of Haiti:

Difficulties in Haiti are still in the news. As someone who supports our work, you may have questions about how current conditions affect our ability to make an impact in the country.

As always, it is important to remember that the bad news from Haiti you hear on the news most often originates from issues in the Haitian Capital, Port-au-Prince, 5.5 hours away from the area where our villages are located.

That said, much has happened in the last couple of days. A sign of potentially greater strife, the US, EU, and German embassies evacuating staff was followed by a sign of hope. CARICOM, a bloc of Caribbean nations, brokered a deal leading to the resignation of the current Prime Minister and the formation of a seven-member transitional council, made up of the major political parties in Haiti. This opens a potential new path for stability and security.

Dr. Jean, our team lead in Haiti, sent this message this morning:

“Thanks a lot for your concerns. Things might be better this week as the Prime Minister resigned last night, and the gangs have said once he did, they will stop their hostilities. A presidential council will take office in about 24-48 hrs. with the goals to bring peace back, reconciliation, and to hold elections ASAP. This plan is supported by the UN, EU, Caricom, and the political parties in Haiti. I’m positive about better days soon.”

Even amid all the challenges, in the communities where we work, schools, banks, and government facilities are operational, and we are holding regular clinics. Our work continues.

Another thing I hope you understand is how carefully we steward all funds donated to our effort. They do not pass through government entities in Haiti and so are not at risk of being diverted from their intended purpose. Our partnership with trusted individuals and entities working directly in the communities we serve gets all the resources right where they are needed.

Thank you for your support and prayers for the people of Haiti.

Chris Weickert
Executive Director
Hope or haitians