Covid in Haiti June 2 2021

June 2

As of today, Covid cases in Haiti stand at 14,711 with 319 deaths. the graph shown below highlights that while at the moment the total number of cases is lower than last June, the death date is higher. With no immunization program in place in Haiti and no vaccines currently available this is a very grave situation.

May 25

Using resources provided through the Emergency Appeal, Dr. Jean Cleantus Junior has redoubled efforts to protect villagers from the new Covid varients spreading in Haiti. I addition to dispersal of masks, sanitizer, soaps, PPE for medical professionals, he is undertaking an significant education and information campaign.

“I have called leaders in each village to go door by door encouraging people to wash their masks and use them as much as they can and warn them of how dangerous this variant is. I have also instructed to reactivate the washing stations as well as the family buckets. I want this this to become a culture that people wash their hands frequently and practice good hygiene. I will be in several schools in different villages this week educating people about preventive behavior. On Sunday will be talking in as many churches as I can and will then let the leaders continue the education.”
Donors to the Emergency appeal made possible this rapid response to the new emerging varients.

May 24, 2021

Over the weekend President Jovenel Moïse declared a state of emergency as Haiti experiences what officials say may be a new, deadlier wave of the coronavirus. Three public figures are among the recent dead. Dr. Jean Cleantus Junior our partner in Haiti has confirmed that both the Covid variant from England and Brazil have been detected in Haiti. These variants are considered more transmissible and have higher mortality rates than the original virus.

hand washing in haiti

May 20, 2020

The handwashing stations in our villages couldn’t have come at a better time to try to keep the spread of infection low.

Over the past five days, Haiti has seen numbers gradually rising from 15 new positive cases reported last Wednesday but by the weekend 98 new cases had been reported. That is a large jump in a short period of time. The total number of cases is now 596 with 22 deaths. Haiti is still behind in testing and the number of suspected cases is around 2,270. They have 269 patients hospitalized and 933 patients currently quarantining at home.

May 5

In a briefing on May 5th, the Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Carissa F. Etienne expressed particular concern for Haiti in relation to Covid-19 and warned of the danger of a large scale outbreak in that country.

We are especially worried about Haiti and I wish to sound the alarm of an impending humanitarian crisis….. There are few beds for treating COVID-19, insufficient numbers of health professionals and insufficient personal protective equipment….  a perfect storm approaching. ~Dr. Etienne

April 24

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center reports 72 confirmed cases in Haiti and 5 deaths.

Covid-19 cases in Haiti Apl 24, 2019

Covid-19 cases in Haiti as of Aprill 24, 2019

Today, we hope to complete a transaction that will provide PPE for the medical professionals who work in the villages Hope for Haitians built in the North and Northeastern region of Haiti. This is an area often missed when big name aid organization come to help in Haiti. Much of their efforts are concentrated in the urban centers.

An Emergency Appeal has been launched to fund efforts to provide food, water, medical and agricultural aid to these villages. An $8,500 matching gift challenge has been obtained to match dollar for dollar gifts to the Emergency Appeal.

April 18

Official reports indicate only 44 cases in Haiti. None of our contacts in Haiti believe this to be true. They tell us that they are not aware of any significant testing efforts and think officials are being deceptive.

This week, Hope for Haitians has been working with our contacts in Haiti and other agencies to coordinate aid to our villages. Our initial efforts are prioritized to; identify and coordinate an in-country partner for food aid, locate and obtain personal protective equipment for medical professionals in the area, work at expanding washing stations, and move forward on addressing water issues. All of these activities are ongoing. We want to improve prevention efforts and prepare for an effective response once Covid-19 impacts the residents of our villages.

April 14

Currently there are 40 cases of Covid-19 in Haiti and 3 deaths have been reported. Dr. Cleantus Jean Jr. who works with Hope for Haitians reported yesterday

“the Covid pandemic is very alarming in the Northeast region where we had the second death related to it. Lots of people are suspect cases but there are not enough tests. Only for 5% of the population. Local health authorities and government authorities are not doing enough.”

We are currently working with Dr. Jean to secure PPE for those working with the sick and to establish wash stations in more locations in villages we serve.

April 9

As of today, April 9, 2020, the government has reported 30 cases of Covid-19 in Haiti and 2 deaths. Haiti remains on lockdown all over the country. Many villages in Haiti are setting up hand washing stations and running handwashing clinics to local residents.

April 6

April 6, 2020, the government has reported 257 suspected cases and 24 have been confirmed. To date one death has been reported in Haiti related to Covid-19. The shortage of medical supplies and equipment remains a concern, and hospitals have to refuse patients due to PPE shortages. The virus is expected to spread within the coming weeks.

March 29

As reported as of March 28, 2020 there have been 105 people in Haiti tested for the Covid-19. Of those people tested 15 of them have come back positive for Covid -19. 445 have been put in quarantine as Haitians are worried about the ability to fight this pandemic.

The school of Nursing administrator on LaGonave wrote to the Dean of the school, Dr. Janice Catrone, saying:

“Dr. Cotrone, people are saying they would rather die from Coronavirus than die from hunger because its quicker”. (Starfysh)

With the borders and most of the ports closed, hunger is great, food prices are soaring, and food and funds are less. Not only is this virus going to affect this country, so is starvation.

March 20

Haiti was one of the last of the Caribbean nations to stay clear of the Covid-19. On March 19, 2020, Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise declared a state of emergency over the entire country. President Moise closed the borders with the Dominican Republic, shut down the airports and ports except for a few that would remain open for goods. Schools, places of worship, places of gathering, and industrial parks were closed. Haiti does not have the infrastructure to combat Covid -19. As a developing nation with limited resources, a lack in proper sanitation, and dense living conditions, this creates challenges for social distancing.

In a country of 11 million people there are approximately 30 ICU beds/ventilators available. Medical staff work in poor conditions that often are without electricity, sometimes lack functioning oxygen equipment, and medical staff don’t know if ventilators will be available. There is not equipment or funds available on a normal day, let alone a pandemic. The medical professionals do not feel prepared for what is to come. Many Haitians are relying on prayer to get them through. Hope for Haitians will be providing updates via our website and social media as we receive information. We hope that you will keep the people in Haiti in your hearts as we work to modify and work on an emergency campaign to serve and care for our villages.