On May 5th, 2020, Giving Tuesday Now will roll across social media feeds and fill email boxes with messages from charities worldwide. An outgrowth of Giving Tuesday, a worldwide day of giving that comes in early December, Giving Tuesday Now is in response to the pressing needs created worldwide by the disruption of the novel coronavirus.

Giving Tuesday Now LogoGiving Tuesday Now and Hope for Haitians

Hope for Haitians already is engaged with supporters and other donors to provide emergency assistance to the villages we built in Haiti for the rural poor. Our ongoing Emergency Appeal is providing resources to aid families in need with food, water, medical support and agricultural assistance for longer term food needs.

Rather than come to our donors with an additional ask for money or support, we come to them and say from the depths of our hearts, thank you.

  • Thank you for 19 years of support that have transformed the live of hundreds of families.
  • Thank you for helping house over 700 families
  • Thank you for helping to provide medical care
  • Thank you for helping us provide water to 270,000 people
  • Thank you for supporting education and vocational training to provide opportunity
  • Thank you for creating hope in 16 villages

All we ask of those who support our work is that that take time during the week of Giving Tuesday Now to share with someone else about their support of our work in Haiti.

What can you do?

  • Share on facebook or social media why you support the mission of Hope for Haitians
  • If you visited Haiti with us, tell people about your experience
  • Invite others to learn about the needs of the rural poor we serve
  • Say thank you to someone who is doing good work for others
  • Pray for those in Haiti

Giving Tuesday Now