Recently, a moment of pure generosity deeply inspired us: twin six-year-old girls and their five-year-old brother entrusted us with their entire savings — a sum of $36.73, earned from tooth fairy visits and tips from selling water at a car show — to help kids in Haiti to have a better home.

One of the girls said to me with the unreserved joy of a child, “I gave all my monies.”

It was a statement of such simple, profound sincerity, it reminded us that the essence of giving is not in the amount, but in the spirit of the gesture. Their donation, small yet immense in its meaning, encapsulates the very essence of selfless giving.

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to honor their generous spirit by matching their $36.73 gift. Together let’s all affirm and amplify their message of abundant hope and generosity.

Ana Weickert

Patty Trotter

Tom Hatting

Robert Weickert

Thanks for the wonderful, motivating story!

Kelli Peterson

Amy McTeague

Kay Larrick

Beautiful example of the little children leading us.

Charmaine Fair

Inspired by my wonderful grandchildren.

Ed and Mary Ruppert

Michael Elenz

Gerald Ballard

Jim Fair

I have wonderful grandkids:)

Lori Rasmann

Anthony Restaino

Ann McDaniel

In honor of my great grandkids

Keith Jones

Love this! Let the children lead the way!