Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday 2022

Every Child Deserves a Good Home

Remember your childhood home?

Many people have fond memories of their childhood home. Maybe you had a room all to yourself, or your house had a great porch, a big yard, or a cool places to hide or play.

The home we grow up in makes a big difference in the opportunities and experiences we have in life.

Since 2001 when we began our our work with families in Haiti, we have met hundreds of kids who live in huts made of sticks and mud, with a dirt floor and a leaking roof made of salvaged tin. Every year we help 40-60 families move from homes like that to a safe and secure cement block home with solid floor, walls and roof. We help in other ways too, with safe water, sanitation education, sustainable food and medical care. But it all starts with a home.

We Believe Every Child Deserves a Good Home

Our Giving Tuesday Challenge to You
Help us Build a Home in One Day!

~anonymous donor~

Your chance to give is now

A couple in their 30’s has pledged to match your gift dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $5,000.

Look who is helping us build a home in one day!

Where will this home be built?

This home will be built in the Village of Acul Samedi as part of Hope for Haitians’ 18th village project in rural north Haiti. The total project will start with homes for 75 families, a community center, two wells and to water filtration systems, a dozen streetlights and training of a local leadership council to share responsibility for the identification and development of additional project as improving food security and creating sustainable economic development.

Next Village Project – Interviews and Images

Seeing the Need and Visit to a Completed Village