Escape from Alcatraz Fundraiser

on June 9th 2024, in San Francisco, CA – Hope for Haitians Board member Dan Maguire will participate in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon as a fundraiser to help poor families on the island of Haiti escape the sickening impact of unsafe drinking water.

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The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

The world’s top athletes from around the globe take over the streets and waters of San Francisco for this prestigious triathlon which showcases the beauty of San Francisco. Among this year’s triathletes is Hope for Haitians Board Member Dan Maguire.


1.5 miles from Alcatraz Island to the San Francisco shoreline


18 mile hilly bike ride out to Golden Gate Park


8 mile trail run out to Baker Beach and up the infamous Sand Ladder.

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“The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received: a more grateful and aware perspective. I remember thinking to myself numerous times: Now that I have seen what is happening here, doing nothing is no longer an option, doing anything I can is.”

Dan Maguire, Escape from Alcatraz Competitor

Stories of Families Helped by Hope for Haitians

Wilna’s Story

Wilna – Pistere Wilna is a 36-year-old mother of five children living in the village of Pistere in Northern Haiti. The home her family lived in was described by one of her children in this way, “Our house was really deplorable. She was leaning, some side was...

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Siliane’s Story

Siliane - Dumas Siliane is a resident of Dumas in northern Haiti where she lives with her four children ages 2-13. Prior to encountering Hope for Haitians, Silane was renting a home. The property, like many in the area, was in poor condition with a leaky roof. This is...

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Rosena’s Story

Rosena – Dumas Rosena is a 64-year-old widow with great responsibilities. As the mother of 6 children and grandmother of 4 grandchildren she is devoted to caring for family. Like many in her village of Dumas she and her family lived in inadequate and unsafe housing....

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Rose-Mirlande’s Story

Rose-Mirlande - Dumas At 25 Rose-Mirlande is the mother of two young girls, ages one and four. She and her family are residents of Dumas in northeast Haiti where 60% of families live in substandard housing. Despite living in accommodations that were insecure and...

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