Elianne Brenord – Dumas

Elianne BrenordElianne Brenord and her family lived in an area of northern Haiti that was very remote. Age 58, Elianne is the mother of 9 children and grandmother to 4 more. Her isolated house was made of scrap tin and was such a poor dwelling she does not even want to talk about it. After she and her family were relocated into a home build by Hope for Haitians, she told us this,

“I used to live far away. We were cut off from the rest of the world. I’m not even talking about the condition of the house. It was built from used sheet metal. It is a grace to benefit from this house. May God continue to bless you, whoever you are.”

Her gratitude is expressed by all families who have their lives transformed by a new home. For Elianne and her family, her old home was not just inadequate shelter, it was a barrier that cut them off from community. This has a major impact on opportunity for the children in such a family. Education is often more difficult to obtain when living in remote rural Haiti.

Elianne's DaughterOne of her daughters, Liela Gabriel, now age 14 and excited about her school told us a little about her experience, school, and her hope for her future.

“I am in the 8th year of basic school. After my studies I would like to become a nurse because the area needs it. I used to live in a place that was too far away, so I didn’t have any children to play with. With this house I have everything I need; I feel at ease.”

It is touching how many children like Liela, when asked about what they would like to do with their lives, talk about an occupation where they could help take care of the needs of their families and their community. One great hope for healing the problems and hardships Haitians continually face lies in its children. Helping them reach their fullest potential is a critical step in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Donors who support Hope for Haitians, help change housing for many. Those who also support our Fun Bun Run 5k for Education, help us make a difference in education in the villages we build.  As Elianne told us at the end of her interview, “May God continue to bless you, whoever you are.”

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