DeliveranceDélivrance Christialine Moncher – Pistere

The average life expectancy in Haiti is 64 years, 13 years less than in the US. At age 91 Délivrance has lived nearly 1 ½ lives. A widow with 5 grown children she had a home that was beyond terrible, barely standing up. As she describes it,

“I owned a wooden house. Until one day, when I was in one room, I heard a noise: it was the wall of another room falling. I was put on the streets. But luckily, I benefited from this house. I’m blind, I couldn’t have built such a house on my own.”

When Hope for Haitians selects home recipients, people like Délivrance are a priority. We prioritize elderly, windows, single mothers with children and those in the most destitute situations. While the need always is greater than our ability to meet it, in the case of Délivrance, the new home brought a level of dignity to her later years. She shared with us,

“Today you can say that I am very comfortable. I ask for life and health for all donors.”

Her gratitude and thoughtfulness toward those who donate is a common response from families who receive a home. Délivrance and other recipients know God has moved the hearts of others in a way that transforms the life they now live.

Deliverance at her new home

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