In Haiti, there have been many protests. Many of those protesting are trying to find some justice in the systems required to live a normal everyday life. The cost of goods is increasing, the value of the Haitian Gourde (local currency) is decreasing and the ability to survive is becoming more difficult. The situation is deteriorating to the point that the US State Department has issued the following statement:

US diplomatic authorities order the departure of all non-emergency personnel and their families on February 15 due to widespread unrest

While we may not understand the serious nature of this information, here are the words of one of our friends in Haiti:

It’s been eight days since the country has been very unstable. All over the country the population is protesting because the cost of a living is unbearable. The Haitian Gourde (our currency) has been loosing to the dollar at an unprecedented speed and yet we import most of our food supply and everyday products from the US, the DR and China. Before the crisis, over 60% used to live on less than two USD a day. Now it’s simply getting worse with the gourde devaluation. At the same time we have a fuel shortage from time to time and the product’s price which is about 3 dollars can go up to 5 or more and that affects the price of transportation and everyday goods.

For the last 8 days there have been tire burning barricades almost all over Haiti. People are stuck at home. Some lack gas, food supply and water.

The Hope for Haitians Board of Directors asks you to keep the Haitian people in your thoughts and prayers. We will continue to support those that we have served in the past in any way we are able. We will continue to look towards a bright future for those we have yet to serve. We all need to rely on patience and perseverance to continue our mission to provide hope and dignity to the poorest of the poor in Haiti.