A tribute to the founding Pastor of St. Katherine Drexel Parish
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Fr. Bob Jones has served the people of St Katherine Drexel Parish since its founding 12 years ago. As he moves away from us to begin a new ministerial assignment we express our gratitude for his years of pastoral leadership shepherding our community and nurturing our faith.

Fr Bob JonesAs a tribute to Fr. Bob and his family, we are taking a collection to build a house in Haiti for a poor family. Fr. Bob serves on the board of Hope for Haitians and our parish has year after year helped make transformative changes in the lives of some of the most impoverished families in the western hemisphere.

We invite you to give a gift a gratitude for the time Fr. Bob has been among us in our parish. Our gifts will leave a lasting mark on a family in Haiti, desperate for an opportunity to live in dignity and have their hope restored.

Donors and Comments

  1. Mike and Barb Lane

    Wishing you peace, love and joy on the next part of your journey. We have been blessed beyond measure by you leadership, service and love.
  2. Gail & Thomas Wright

  3. John and Dianne Curry

  4. Nancy Horton

    Mark and I have always supported Hope for Haitians by purchasing food items before Covid. Now we would like to donate in honor of Fr. Bob. We love him and are going to miss him so much.
  5. Scott & Krystal Resetich

    Fr. Bob you will be missed. We feel like we are losing our friend, not only a priest/shepherd. Wish you the best in your next chapter, and my hope is that you are able to come back at retirement and live in the rectory we built as a retired priest. It would be most deserving to have you there. God bless you. Krystal & Scott.
  6. Leroy and Rose Cowan

  7. Bonnie Griffin

  8. Jane Brickert

    Thank you, Father Bob, for alll you have done for us. You have been our priest, our loving shepherd, our confessor, our teacher, and our friend. You will be in our prayers and always in our hearts. May God bless you always. We love you, Father Bob! Jane & Bill
  9. Stacey and Clete Rettenmeier

    Dear Fr. Bob, Thank you for caring deeply for each and every one of us here at SKD and beyond. Because of you we experience God’s love and share it as you do. Never doubt how much you’ll be missed and how much you are appreciated. Our prayers and love go with you.
  10. Tara Evers

    Delighted to think of maybe 2 families safely housed in honor of Fr. Bob Jones, whose fingerprints have blessed so many lives. May God hold you close in your new venture.
  11. Jeanette Stump Zeleznjak

  12. Rocky and Jacquie May

    Cheers to Fr. Bob!
  13. Rio Sivesind

    With love and thanks to our Father Bob. We will miss you and you will always be in our prayers.
  14. Brian and Lisa Tonner

  15. Stan Moneta

    Father Bob, We were still new in Sugar Grove when you started our new Parish. It wasn’t until you joined our community did we feel at home. We will surely miss you at St Katherine Drexel and in Sugar Grove! We wish you all the best in this next chapter of your life. God Bless! Stan, Tammy and Lauryn Moneta
  16. Dan and Lisa Long

    Thank you Father Bob for your time here at St. Katharine Drexel and your prayers for all the parishioners. May God bless you as you continue to minister to His people at St. Thomas the Apostle. You will be greatly missed.. Dan and Lisa Long
  17. Julie Gilbert

    May your new parish bring you joy, reminders of the joyful spirit shared over the last several years at St. Katharine Drexel. May you also have laughter with the young children of the school. (Keep them safe! 🙂
  18. Jean Tvrdik

    In thanksgiving for a wonderful, prayerful priest, Father Bob Jones. Be assured of my continued thoughts and prayers, Jean
  19. Kimberly Holstein

  20. Justin and Megan Jones

    Fr. Bob has been a wonderful shepherd for our faith community over the past 12 years. Our family has been blessed by his friendship and spiritual guidance.
  21. Mary Krieghbaum

  22. Jeff Phillips

    My God Bless you and guide you in your new assignment. Thank you for the wonderful years of service to our parish. You will be missed but always loved!
  23. Larry and Shirley Frasca

    In Honor of Fr. Bob Jones
  24. Elizabeth Kozial

    Thank you for being such a positive part of our lives for the past 12 years! You will be missed!
  25. MattSueRose Striedl

    Fr. Bob, Words cannot express how truly grateful we are for your years of ministry as our founding Pastor at SKD. Your tireless and humble service and leadership have been a true Blessing from our Lord. We will miss you, we will continue to pray for you and we will see you again. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts. Matt, Sue and Rose Striedl
  26. Kristine Fox-Kellogg

    This is a great way to say goodbye to our dear pastor. Great idea!
  27. Fran and Jerry Adams

    My husband, mom and I have appreciated the "giving" that Father Bob has done these past 12 years. We cannot imagine St. Katharine Drexel without him. We wanted to contribute, even in this small way, to show our appreciation.
  28. Debbie and Wally Schwartz

    In honor of Father Bob Jones.
  29. John and Janice Babush

    Thank you, Father Bob, for your loving guidance as the first shepherd of St. Katharine Drexel Parish.
  30. D. J. Hansen

  31. Bill & Angie Skoglund

  32. James Lucas

    Appreciate your effort and time that you put in to help make SKD the parish it is today. Appreciate your support of SVDP and the Hope for Haitians of the many that you supported. Will pray for you in this transition and for your future.
  33. Pat and Kay La Jeunesse

    Thank you. Father Bob for founding and nurturing St.Katherine Drexel Parish for all these years.
  34. Bob and Jean Porter

    In appreciation of a very holy priest who has brought us closer to Jesus and our catholic faith.
  35. Jon & Mary Kay Bieritz

    Thank you for your guidance and friendship Love, Jon & Mary Kay
  36. Tom & Tracy Limbrunner

  37. Ted, Susan, Kasey McCannon

    In honor of Fr Bob and his wonderful family. Fr Bob has been such a blessing to our family bringing us closer to Jesus and our Catholic faith and consoling us and guiding us through tough times. He accepts us as we are, we love him and we will miss him dearly. Ted, Susan & Kasey
  38. Anonymous

    This one is for Fr. Bob! And example of humble service. What a beautiful gesture to donate for Haiti.
  39. Joe and Rita Gilbert

    Thank you, Fr. Bob, for all you have done for us. We will continue to pray for you as you begin your new assignment in Crystal Lake.
  40. Debra Surmin

    Won't you let me be your servant: Let me be as Christ to you...
  41. John and Alice Osterman

  42. Jean and Richard O'Brien

  43. Dan and Lynn Mitchell

  44. Tim and Adrianne Gabel

  45. Mark & Eileen Rhoda

    Fr Bob, We wish you all the best at your new parish. We'll miss you at SKD. Love & prayers go with you. Mark & Eileen Rhoda
  46. Paul & Cindi Ingraham

    We love you Father Bob, you will forever be part of our family. You have guided us through some GREAT times and some really HARD times. You touched our parents hearts in their time of need and they loved you as well. We are going to miss you so much but God put you in our lives for a reason and that was PURE love. You are not going too far so be sure you will be seeing the Ingraham - Sharp family from time to time. We wish you nothing but the best and know the new parish is SO LUCKY to have you. You BROUGHT us back on our spiritual path and have made our journey so sweet! Love you always....Paul & Cindi Ingraham
  47. R. E. ONEILL

  48. M. B. Grimes

  49. Gary and Pamela Bromann

  50. Lawrence Frieders

  51. Gil and Rita Rios

    Well, we will continue being the couple whose husband always wore his cowboy hat as I am sure you will remember us by. We are so sad, but know you will always bloom where you are planted. Que Dios te bendiga siempre.
  52. Mike and Margie Brien

    Thank you Father Bob for all you have done for the parish.
  53. Randolph Stoiber

    Wishing you all the very best Fr. Bob. Thank you for your spiritual leadership through out these past years as was your vision. We know that you will continue to be a good shepherd in your new parish! Good by and Good luck
  54. Heidi and David Kintz

    Thank you Fr. Bob for all your years of guidance and prayers for us. We are truely better off because of your leadership.
  55. Val, Ryan, and Savannah Jackman

    Father Bob- We are so thankful we found SKD and felt like it was home to us. We owe that in large part to you. You have left such a mark on our hearts and we will miss you dearly.
  56. Anonymous

    Thank you Father Bob for all you have done for our faith community. You will be missed!
  57. Jean Lindsay

    Donating in the spirit of giving as Fr. Bob has shown us by leading by example. We love you!
  58. Richard Carlson

    Godspeed Father. We are all saddened by your departure but are most grateful for the time we had you here. God bless you as you begin your new assignment. Peace and love Richard and Peggy
  59. John and Patty Crichton

  60. Mike and Cherie Bond

    Father Bob, you have left a wonderful legacy behind you. The parish will greatly miss you!
  61. Marguerite Stiefbold

    It has been a blessing working with you on this committee , Fr. Bob. Your support of this important work was so important !! Thank you for all your work and efforts (even pulling out tables and boxes for the monthly sales of coffee etc!😃) to provide for the Haitian community!! You will always be remembered for this🙏.
  62. Dave & Jan Watson

  63. Nicholette Riddle

    We will miss you Father Bob!!
  64. Tim & Jackie Walsh

  65. Brian and Debbie schaefer

    Father Bob, we will all miss you. I hope your new parish knows how lucky they are.
  66. William & Marilin Biles

  67. Ken and Carol Rojek

    Thank you Fr. Bob for showing us the way to making SKD the wonderful community we are today. We will miss you! Ken & Carol Rojek
  68. Dean & Karen Burkhalter

  69. Donald Galloy

  70. Frank & Betty Hettinger


    You made our parish feel like home, Fr. Bob. Hold in your heart the impact you have made on our lives. You will be greatly missed!
  72. Margaret Kliebhan

  73. Virginia Canavan

  74. Marlou & Tom Campbell-Spry & Spry

    Dear Father Bob, Thank you for accompanying, enabling and blessing a return to the Church, a conversion, and a Sacramental Marriage. We carry you in our hearts - forever. Marlou & Tom
  75. Mary Ann and Terry McCully

    Fr. Bob, Thank you for everything you have done for the SKD parish community. You'll be greatly missed.
  76. SKD Knights of Columbus

  77. Dianna Lehnen

    Thank you Father Bob for 12+ wonderful years. You will be in our hearts and memories forever. You are truly a servant of God.
  78. Michele Kellen

  79. Anonymous

  80. Jo Traub

  81. Claire Hurd

    Thank you Fr. Bob. You will be missed. God, please bless and guide Fr. Bob on his new assignment.
  82. Beth Gambro

    This ministry is very dear to our hearts. Father Bob is also very dear to us.
  83. Jennifer Hager

    We are going to miss you Fr. Bob!!! So thankful for all the years we’ve had the joy of knowing you. Thank you for all of the big and small ways you been a constant beacon of light in our lives.
  84. John and Stephanie Lamperis

    We love you Fr. Bob and thank you for loving us.
  85. Frederick Runge

    Mother Theresa said, "There are no great things, only small things with great love."
  86. Jim & Dorothy Barkley

    We will miss you, Fr. Bob. We wish you the very best as you move north! May God continue to bless you!
  87. Lori and Bob Dressel

    Though you are leaving SKD as Pastor your love will continue on in all of our hearts that you have touched. We have been so blessed by you! With love, Bob and Lori

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