Help restore a sustainable food source for poor families in Haiti. Support our effort to replace 300 goats and 50 cows killed by flooding in early 2022

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At the end of January 2022 torrential rain of 10-24+ inches soaked the north of Haiti causing horrific flooding. All but one of Hope for Haitians 17 villages is in the affected area. Assessment following the flooding found a devastating losses to sustainable food sources for poor families. Over 600 goats and cows were lost, depriving families of daily nutrition and a source of income. All the crops in one village were completely lost, while in others they suffered severe damage. This tragedy impacts those in our villages in short and long term ways.

We are working with other NGOs to coordinate emergency food relief where needed. That can help people right now. This campaign is to restore the goats and cows that ensure families sustainable food and income. This will help over the long term.

GOATS AS SUSTAINABLE FOOD SOURCE – Milk from goats is used by poor Haitian families as a basic source of daily nutrition. When they goats are bred, the offspring become an additional source of milk, meat or income for the family. The loss of a goat ends a critical source of sustainable nutrition and hope for the family that owned it.

COWS AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD – The benefits of a cow for a Haitian family living in poverty is similar to that of goats but on a much larger scale. More milk, more meat, more value. In fact, for families with more than one cow, they see them as walking bank accounts that feed them daily. When crisis hits, a cow can be sold to provide emergency funds. The death of so many cows in this flood means many families lost both their “life savings” and a critical source of daily nutrition.

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