Since 2001, the Catholic faithful in the Rockford Diocese have been a pillar of support for the work of Hope for Haitians. Through Lenten appeals, craft sales after mass and participation in numerous other fundraisers, they raised funds needed to build multiple villages. 

In a normal year, individuals from parishes along with one or two priests would come to Haiti with us for the dedication of the newly completed village. Civil unrest in 2019 and the dangers of Covid in 2020 have put those trips on hold. While we have not been able to visit, our donors continue to be generous and our mission continues.

As 2020 draws to a close we asked six priests who visited Haiti with us to share with our donors the good work made possible because of their generosity. The following videos offer you the opportunity to hear their witness to the hope our work brings to the poor of Haiti.

This 9.5 minute video features six priests of the Rockford Diocese. In their brief remarks they each talk about their experience when visiting Haiti and thank those who make the work possible. They bear witness to the good work done by Hope for Haitians for the benefit of the poor in Haiti.

Individual Priest Videos

Each of six videos below features one priest sharing his story about his visit to Haiti. The content in these shorter videos is the same as what was including in the compilation video earlier in the article.

Remarks by Fr. John McNamara

Remarks by Fr. Bob Jones

Remarks by Fr. David Beauvais

Remarks by Fr. Tim Piaseki

Remarks by Fr. Martins Emeh

Remarks by Fr. David Engbarth